Author: Yerkisk

Update 0.3.3

Here are the patch notes for Update 0.3.3 : Fixed Iron Breastplate not showing and causing characters to disappear; Increased body texture quality as details were no longer visible; Fixed creating new characters being deformed when using Randomize buttons; Removed the grass around battle participants to more easily see small enemies and animations; Fixed water […]

Update 0.3.2

In early August, Google Play changed their policies on games allowed on their store, especially concerning the size of the base game. Unfortunately, our game Living Medieval was too large to fit and a rework had to be done to split the game in multiple smaller downloads. To make this happen, we had to lower […]

Update 0.3.0

We’ve updated the game to Version 0.3.0, adding multiple features and making a lot of improvements : Added Crafting, Studying, Dismantling and Enhancing of items. You need to study multiple items of the same kind to learn that item’s blueprint, which is then used in Crafting. Dismantling items allows you to get back some of […]

Living Medieval – Update On the Road to Production

Much has changed since our last post on the Road to Production for our game Living Medieval. Some priorities have been reworked and many new features have been added, and as such we believe it is time to update our roadmap! Before we launch the game in Production, here’s what we believe remains to be […]

Living Medieval – Road to Production

Here are the milestones that we want to achieve before our game Living Medieval on mobile goes to production : PVP : A first version of PVP will be developed, that will consist of One on One battles with online players. Post production this will be extended to 2vs2, 3vs3 and 4vs4 battles. Quests : […]